This is how and why we choose to alter the material for our 60 degree V-drive from magnesium to aluminium. First and foremost the high fire risks of a magnesium pour.
The second is the fact that aluminium is less prone to corrosion which was also an important point to consider.
Of course rigidity of the materials is taken into consideration and durability is looked at.
Where possible we will exchange magnesium for aluminium because of the risks involved when pouring magnesium.
But only if that has no adverse effect on the functioning of the component.
In case of, for instance the Porsche-V-drive, this in essence 100% original part was re-engineered in respect to the choice of material, but any of the parts will still be interchangeable with a 100% “pure” magnesium Porsche part. If at all possible we will normally first want to use the original materials that were used for your part.
In the case that there are prominent advantages to change to an alternate material we will advice you. Ultimately the choice will be yours.
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